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From state-of-the-art lighting control and automation, to spectacular home entertainment and communications systems, Audio West has everything you are looking for. But no matter how cool the technology, it's still the people that make it all work. That's why knowledge is the most important component of an Audio West system. We carry the leading product lines in the world and install them so that you can have confidence in a system that is beautifully designed and effortless to use.





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Lighting Design And Control

We're Not Just Another Audio/Video Company

As Central Alberta's only professional lighting design firm, Audio West makes our clients homes and business look fabulous. Your home will only look its best if the lighting is designed to complement its furnishings and architecture. When we look at those beautiful images in the home decorating magazines, what we don't always realize is the amount of effort that has taken place to light the room and produce the very best images possible. Audio West takes care right from the initial design stage to design the kind of lighting plan that will make your home look and feel it's best in all situations. In order to properly design your lighting we have to understand the relationship between architecture, style, materials and color. We pull all the pieces together to deliver something that can truly be considered amazing. Audio West is one of very few companies in Alberta and the only one in Central Alberta who have been invited to work directly with Lutron. Lutron is the leading lighting control company in the world. This was as a result of our years of experience and the quantity and quality of the projects that we undertake. Lighting Control allows you to plan the best lighting configuration for every situation and and access them with the push of a button. It also allows you to eliminate a huge amount of wall clutter. No banks of light switches, no visable thermostat controls. Call us for a demonstration.

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Lutron Sivoia Motorized Window Shades

Modern homes and workspaces are designed with lots of windows. Intuitively we understand that sunlight adds a comforting refreshing quality to any room. Achieving the greatest beauty and efficiency in each room means being able to control the light that surrounds you. Audio West is pleased to provide you with Lutron Shading Solutions. With Lutron shades and draperies you can quickly and easily control sunlight to prevent harsh UV rays from damaging expensive furnishings. At the simple touch of a button, you can automatically raise and lower shades to reduce heat gain in the space, thereby lowering cooling costs, or achieve instant privacy from the outside.

Lutron motorized shades are not like any other brand of shades. Lutron shades operate silently from top to bottom. All the shades in each area or synchronized, so the regardless of size they all move at the same speed. That means that when you stop them partway down the hem bars are all perfectly aligned. There are also presets to have the shades open and close to different levels.

Lutron Shading Solutions and Audio West can provide roller and Roman shades, drapery track systems, skylight shades and Beautiful fabrics to enhance the decor of any space. Audio West is now featuring the exclusive line of patented Kirbe' vertical draperies. These amazing products are not available through any other source in Central Alberta. No one else has motorized shades this quiet and this smart. Click the photo below to see our Gallery!

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Click for Shades Gallery






Muti-room Audio

While music is intended to excite and engage the listener, we believe it should be heard, not seen. With discrete placement and integration of your distributed audio entertainment system, we can guarantee endless enjoyment and simple effortless operation. Our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your entertainment solutions look as good as they sound. We use brands such as Sonos, Paradigm, and Monitor Audio to provide the best acoustic and aesthetic experience available.

Distributed Video

Watch TV the way you want to and wherever you want. Distribute high definition movies and television throughout your home. It's a customizable experience that will please every member of the family. Keep all of the components in one out of the way place and preserve the beauty of your home.

Home Theatre

A relaxing, high-quality home theatre is the perfect way to bring family and friends together, and it is a source of many hours of family entertainment. Audio West is passionate about creating home entertainment spaces that are personalized to suit our clients and their families. If you have made the decision to make one a part of your home, we know how to make your dream become a reality. Using only the leading names and products, we will exceed your expectations no matter what your style or budget.



Security and Video Surveillance

Audio West has been providing residential and commercial security for over 20 years. We take great care in the components we choose and the careful installations we provide. We take pains to avoid the false alarms, so common with many systems. In combination with our Clare Control system, alarm and video surveillance can be accessed from your smart phone all in one app. Unlike competing systems there is no additional cost for remote access to the system. We design systems from the most basic to the largest hi-tech systems. Clare surveillance systems provide exceptional performance per dollar and are amazingly easy to use.





Motorized Patio Screens

Our patio insect screens roll down at the touch of a button. Imagine the convenience of converting an open air room into a screened room in 10 seconds! Fully retractable solar insects shades are the perfect solution. They maintain your view when lowered and retract to any level as needed. When the sun or insects are not a problem raise your shades and enjoy the open air once again. On demand insect, heat, and glare control and privacy. All our patio insects shades are motorized for easy operation. Shades can be programmed individually or as a group. Our top of the line patio insect shades keep the fabric taught even in breezy conditions. Audio West provides a full line of retractable bug screens as well as outdoor patio shades for light, solar, and wind control. Our shades are made to order and usually ship within 2 weeks of ordering.





Coastal Source® Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting has to be tough. It has to defy the elements.

Irrigation, fertilizer, insecticides, acid rain, weed whackers, bugs and salt spray take a toll on the typical landscape lighting system. Salt spray may be the most damaging of all. If you live on the coast like we do it’s tough to get away from salt.

Coastal Source landscape lighting products are built with integrity. More than 50 years of hands-on industry experience gave us what we needed to take on the entire landscape lighting market. Real world and laboratory testing gave us a solid understanding of the challenges we had to overcome.

“Coastal Source is not the cheapest option. It is the best option.

As a part of the coastal testing process we evaluated products from every reputable manufacturer of landscape lights. One of the problems we faced is that all products work, even the cheap ones, for a little while. Then they quit, fail or fall apart. You are forced to make expensive repairs or totally replace a non-functioning system. Customer satisfaction and your reputation suffer. Coastal Source landscape lights are created from the raw material up. The fixtures are designed for superior function and durability. Now you don’t have to replace an entire fixture because of a weak link. Audio West will assist you in creating an outstanding landscape lighting design that will last for years to come.